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Intro Opening Scene Music for Episode 2

It looks like it is Glance Backwards by Jeffrey Brodsky. Click below to play.

Interestingly, HBO has changed up the Intro Music for episode 2. They showed a “previously on Sharp Objects” and went straight into the opening credits with a new song or beat. If anyone knows the song that plays during the episode 2 opening credits, please comment below and let us know.


  1. I’d love to find out as well. The beats are amazing.

  2. Dying to know as well, sounds like it could be trentemoller

  3. I, too, would like to know!

  4. Yes! Or Lulu Rouge!

  5. The episode two opening credits track is great. I’d also love to know what it is.

  6. Black Screen by LCD sound System

  7. the song is already in youtube. Still trying to figure out the name.

  8. The intro song is Ghost by The Acid! There is an Apple Music playlist for the Sharp Objects soundtrack 🙂 cheers y’all!

  9. Jeffrey Brodsky, unfortunately it seems like the particular track is not released yet (if it’s a whole track at all anyway).

  10. The full track “Glance Backwards” is on

  11. You can purchase it here! I just followed link at top of this page and paid by paypal…

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