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Who Plays Ashley on Sharp Objects (Episode 3)?

Madison Davenport is the actress that plays Ashley that shows up in episode 3. You can find her IMDB profile here. You may know here as Ethel from Shameless. Do you know her from any other TV shows or movies? She was also in Criminal Minds.

What is the Song at the End of Episode 3 During the Credits?

At the end of each Sharp Objects episode there has been a different song. We expect that to continue with episode 3. If you know what the song is, please comment below so we can let fans know where they can listen to it or buy it. As soon as we figure it out, we will post it on this resource.

For other songs during the credits, use these links:

Episode 2
Episode 1

Intro Opening Scene Music for Episode 3

It will likely be the case that there is new opening music at the start of episode 3 of Sharp Objects. If you know what this song is, please comment below and let us know so we can tell people how they can listen to it or buy it online.

You can find other opening scene music here:

Episode 2
Episode 1

What is the Song at the End of Episode 2 During the Credits?

Here you go – LCD Soundsystem – black screen

French Song Adora and Her Husband Dance To

Adora’s husband turns on a song around 33 minutes into episode 2 and it is in French. This is it – Les moulins de mon coeur by Michel LeGrand:

My Demons Are Not Remotely Tackled; They’re Mildly Concussed

This line was used about 15 minutes into episode 2.

Intro Opening Scene Music for Episode 2

It looks like it is Glance Backwards by Jeffrey Brodsky. Click below to play.

Interestingly, HBO has changed up the Intro Music for episode 2. They showed a “previously on Sharp Objects” and went straight into the opening credits with a new song or beat. If anyone knows the song that plays during the episode 2 opening credits, please comment below and let us know.

Is Amma (the Little Sister) the Killer in Sharp Objects?

If you are currently watching the hit HBO drama TV series Sharp Objects, you may be scouring the Internet to see who the killer is. If you do not want it to be spoiled, do not read any further.

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Sharp Objects Opening Credits Song

The opening credits song for Sharp Objects on HBO is Franz Waxman – The Dance (A Place In The Sun Soundtrack).

Sharp Objects HBO TV Show Soundtrack or Theme Music

After the first episode of Sharp Objects it is very clear that the soundtrack and music of the show are going to be a popular search phrase. If you want to know a specific song or the theme music feel free to comment below and ask about a song. Please make sure to specify the time of the song in the show or if it is at the beginning (opening credits) or the end (closing credits).

What are your favorite songs of the show?

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