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What Was Written (Cut) on Amy Adams Arm at the End of Episode 1?

If you were watching closely at the end of the pilot episode (episode 1) of Sharp Objects you noticed many things carved into Amy Adams’ (Camille Preaker) skin. Remember, this is a show based on the book Sharp Objects. The sharp objects are the knives she uses to cut herself or self harm herself. We see the word VANISH at the end on Amy Adams’ forearm. Some have said they saw names like April. I am sure there will be screenshots to see what was carved into her back, arms and legs.

If you have read the book Sharp Objects, you already know what is carved into her skin. We won’t spoil it.

Camille Preaker Will Be Played by Amy Adams

It has been confirmed that Amy Adams will play Camille Preaker in the eight episode HBO TV show Sharp Objects. Adams was confirmed to play the main protagonist even before HBO purchased the writes to the show. After completing Arrival and Nocturnal Animals in 2016, Adams will play Lois Lane in Justice League in 2017. As of December 2016, it looks as if Sharp Objects and Justice League are her only projects for 2017. That is sure to change.

What do you think about Amy Adams playing Camille Preaker? Can she portray a Camille that has cut herself in the past? Will she do well going back to a small town as a journalist?

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