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Sharp Objects Opening Credits Song

The opening credits song for Sharp Objects on HBO is Franz Waxman – The Dance (A Place In The Sun Soundtrack).

Sharp Objects HBO TV Show Soundtrack or Theme Music

After the first episode of Sharp Objects it is very clear that the soundtrack and music of the show are going to be a popular search phrase. If you want to know a specific song or the theme music feel free to comment below and ask about a song. Please make sure to specify the time of the song in the show or if it is at the beginning (opening credits) or the end (closing credits).

What are your favorite songs of the show?

What is the Song at the End of Episode 1 During the Credits?

The song is The Acid by Tumbling Lights.

What Was Written (Cut) on Amy Adams Arm at the End of Episode 1?

If you were watching closely at the end of the pilot episode (episode 1) of Sharp Objects you noticed many things carved into Amy Adams’ (Camille Preaker) skin. Remember, this is a show based on the book Sharp Objects. The sharp objects are the knives she uses to cut herself or self harm herself. We see the word VANISH at the end on Amy Adams’ forearm. Some have said they saw names like April. I am sure there will be screenshots to see what was carved into her back, arms and legs.

If you have read the book Sharp Objects, you already know what is carved into her skin. We won’t spoil it.

Who are Amma’s Friends in Sharp Objects?

In the book by Gillian Flynn, Amma’s friends are Kelsey, Jodes (Kelsey) and Kylie. It looks as if Kylie will not be part of the HBO TV show.

Kelsey will be played by Violet Brinson and Jodes will be played by April Brinson.

Kelsey or Violet Brinson is the younger sister who is 15 years old while Jodes or April Brinson is the older sister and is around 17 or 18 years old. For those wondering, Amma is played by Eliza Scanlen who is 19 years old in real life. A far cry from the 13 year old Amma in the book.

How Hard is it to Pull Baby Teeth?

Throughout Sharp Objects, we learn more and more about the importance of Ann Nash and Natalie Keene’s teeth being pulled. Was it truly a male that committed these murders because it is so difficult to pull the teeth out of a child’s mouth? We know that Ann Nash and Natalie were young girls but it can be assumed they had their adult teeth. Their 6 year molars likely came in as these girls were old enough to be playing with Amma, Kelsey, Jodes and Kylie who were all around 13 years old.

It might be a slight lack of research by Gillian Flynn to assume that these girls did not have their adult teeth. That said, it is still much easier to extract a tooth at a younger age versus when the roots have fully grown in by adulthood. Oral surgeons, dentists and dental professionals will likely be the only ones that will catch this mistake.

Who is the Killer in Sharp Objects?

If you plan on watching the Sharp Objects TV show on HBO and you do not want to know who the killer is until the final episode, stop reading now. Those of you that do want to know, read on

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When is the Pilot for Sharp Objects on HBO?

The premiere date for Sharp Objects has not been announced. All we know is that it is likely to be in 2017. Since April 1st, 2016, there has been very little news as it relates to this eight episode TV drama. We would assume that it will air on Sunday nights similar to The Night Of which was an eight part crime drama that premiered on July 10, 2016.

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Marti Noxon Showrunner for Sharp Objects

Marti Noxon will serve as the showrunner for the eight part HBO TV series Sharp Objects. Noxon wrote the pilot based on the book by Gillian Flynn. She will also serve as a writer for the show. Noxon is known for her work with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Glee and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

Having worked with a number of strong female protagonists in the last decade we feel as if Noxon will be great for Sharp Objects. She will also co-write the show with Gillian Flynn who is the brains behind the story that was published in 2006. This was Flynn’s first published novel before Dark Places and the hit movie Gone Girl.

Camille Preaker Will Be Played by Amy Adams

It has been confirmed that Amy Adams will play Camille Preaker in the eight episode HBO TV show Sharp Objects. Adams was confirmed to play the main protagonist even before HBO purchased the writes to the show. After completing Arrival and Nocturnal Animals in 2016, Adams will play Lois Lane in Justice League in 2017. As of December 2016, it looks as if Sharp Objects and Justice League are her only projects for 2017. That is sure to change.

What do you think about Amy Adams playing Camille Preaker? Can she portray a Camille that has cut herself in the past? Will she do well going back to a small town as a journalist?

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