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Sharp Objects Opening Credits Song

The opening credits song for Sharp Objects on HBO is Franz Waxman – The Dance (A Place In The Sun Soundtrack).

Sharp Objects HBO TV Show Soundtrack or Theme Music

After the first episode of Sharp Objects it is very clear that the soundtrack and music of the show are going to be a popular search phrase. If you want to know a specific song or the theme music feel free to comment below and ask about a song. Please make sure to specify the time of the song in the show or if it is at the beginning (opening credits) or the end (closing credits).

What are your favorite songs of the show?

What is the Song at the End of Episode 1 During the Credits?

The song is The Acid by Tumbling Lights.

What Was Written (Cut) on Amy Adams Arm at the End of Episode 1?

If you were watching closely at the end of the pilot episode (episode 1) of Sharp Objects you noticed many things carved into Amy Adams’ (Camille Preaker) skin. Remember, this is a show based on the book Sharp Objects. The sharp objects are the knives she uses to cut herself or self harm herself. We see the word VANISH at the end on Amy Adams’ forearm. Some have said they saw names like April. I am sure there will be screenshots to see what was carved into her back, arms and legs.

If you have read the book Sharp Objects, you already know what is carved into her skin. We won’t spoil it.

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